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A collection of 10 scores developed for an embodied monthly audience participatory sound + movement series. 

Majles is a series of sound, silence and movement based workshops, audience participatory scores, and collective reflections that seek to build a new governance through individual creativity, in relationship to each other. Each Majles session convenes online the third Thursday of the month.


Developed through year long experimentation with sound and movement, each Majles session is generated from a score that situates the body as a site of knowledge, enacting movement and voice, from and within the physical place they occupy to explore complex relationships to space. 

These Majles scores are archived as a collection of 10 scores that correspond to 10 sound and video libraries. 


Majles is an Arabic and Persian term that translates to council. Majles premised based on the following: 

  • It is up to us to find a foundation that we can build as individuals in relationship to each other. 

  • An autonomous space.

  • Abstract foundation building prompts. 

  • In the interest of self organization and self determination as a diaspora. 

  • Governance as a new contract. 

  • Somewhat, also a response to the lack of care that governments are taking.

  • Seeking a new governance over individual creativity.

  • It is not up to an external Majles from either the home or tribal sense, but up to us to find a foundation that we can build as individuals in relationship to each other. 

  • A foundation outside of larger governmental structures, capitalism, etc, that has no interest anymore in providing foundations for people

  • Majles seeks and builds



This program is made possible with support from the California Arts Council - Artists In Communities program in partnership with Arab.AMP.


Majles monthly sessions are participant centered, free and drop-in. September 2020 - June 2021

For the recording of the Majles Panel + Screening, in conversation with Abou Farman on June 13, 2021 , and premiere of two sound video works, go here

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