Asgary's sound performances make use of her voice and innate properties of everyday objects as an ether for direct communication in an otherwise disparate circumstance of image. Soundscapes of repetitious actions are created with the innate properties of everyday objects and the body, providing access to visual sonic landscapes. The viewer/listener’s faculties are posited equal material to sound through which one can travel in and out, an image of the world through the physical aural realm.

Wake, 2021

sound composition

26:00 minutes CICADA 006 | SHOLEH ASGARY


Created for Cone Shape Top, CICADA 006: Sholeh Asgary

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I was thinking of what my voice might sound like if it were to travel through my death and back 1,000 times. Around the time that I made this recording, I was thinking about distance and travel through time. Not necessarily about time travel, but how the experiences of different places have their own time structures. In doing so, I was driven by my contemplation of what life in a parallel could sound or feel like if it were to travel and meet another parallel, and with it, all the multitudes it carries, or, the disaporic imaginary.