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wood, fan, light, plexiglass, paper, paint, acetate, ceramic, metal, artificial plant, sound 

Dimensions variable  

"I gathered as many balloons as I could in the twilight. I couldn't figure out why I seemed like an alien."


The multi-disciplinary works in the installation "Balloons" address the way objects can create disambiguation and break down language and representation. The title of the installation, Balloons, draws from one of my earliest childhood memories, in which I felt like an alien. The four components of the installation guide the viewer through a series of broken events, like islands in a body of water. The heartbeat of the installation, "Cat Purring Machine," is an acoustic chamber that houses a mechanical fan's transference from a hum to a purr. "Shroud," a five-foot glowing piece of molded plexiglass, represents false passage; an artificial plant serves as a signifier to the illusion. "Marker" begins as ephemeral shapes of light are formed on the ground, mysteriously shifting with the viewer's gaze to a refracted sheet of acetate. In "Tree Field," the space between an artificial tree and its adjacent painting suggests a fourth dimension, an imagination field.  

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