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When You Hear the Whistle: An Election Eve Sanctuary / Freak Out Zone

Sholeh Asgary + Heather Kapplow

2020 is unfathomable. And right now, in the USA, we are having a surreal election season: There is dog whistling and at the same time, we are each like teakettles, building up heads of steam full of information we can’t keep track of, with only flatscreen versions of our friends and families to turn to for comfort. Unknowns fill more and more pages of our calendars as the minutes of our clocks bend.... We peer into fog trying to find some clarity—or are we just learning how to find comforting patterns in swirling steam?

On November 3, 2020 Sholeh Asgary and Heather Kapplow will be holding open a long, swirling, mostly non-verbal Zoomspace to take communal respite within during election eve on both the East and West Coasts of the USA. Feel free to drop in and out as many times as you like between 6pm EST to 8pm PST. (Note that this is a 5-hour span of time. On the East Coast of the USA the event will occur from 6pm - 11pm, and on the West Coast of the USA, it will occur between 3pm - 8pm.)


This is a space to cast all of your non-transmittable feelings as the absurdity/horror of this peak moment of political theater unfolds in real time. We’ll be there to honor your impulses: to scream, to crawl under a blanket, to drink heavily, etc. When You Hear The Whistle is a location for the energy you can’t put anywhere else on election eve to build up, build up, build up, release, release, release, keep moving, keep moving, keep swirling.


Through text, gestural, and sound prompts, Asgary and Kapplow will keep a portal open for you to pop in and out of as much as you’d like to.

Sponsored by Arab.AMP and Art Market Provincetown

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