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Sholeh Asgary + Heather Kapplow

Weird is a mostly non-verbal Zoom experience hosted by Flux Factory as a part of the 2020 series Flux Thursday Remote Edition.


Produced by Heather Kapplow and Sholeh Asgary, with a special performance by Eva Ursprung.


Weird is about where we are before and after the Zoom camera comes on.


We'll start by having a "real" check in, finding out what everyone has been struggling the hardest with during these weird times, listening to each other and trading what we can in terms of ideas for coping/resources that we might have uncovered for ourselves that other people might be able to use too. Then we'll slowly move away from language together into places like sound and gesture, where (especially irresolvable) feelings can have some space to just be, and maybe be kind of ritually cast out of our bodies for awhile...


THEN Eva Ursprung will serenade us with her punk rock!!!


Flux Thursday is Flux Factory’s longest-running program, and during ordinary times, takes place on the second Thursday of each month. However, as a way to have fun and support each other from afar during the era of social distancing, they’ve become weekly events.


Image: Artist Kathie Halfin reflects on the nature of pandemic time while holding her traveling tooth during Weird.


[Video and other documentation of Weird available on request.]

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