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Sholeh Asgary + the Ad Hoc Collective for Improvising Mourning Technologies for Future Griefs


single channel video and stereo sound

2:43 minutes

Video: Shelby Zoe Coley

Audio Mastering: Thomas Dimuzio


A video and sound work that references water, transmission, and incommunicability. The collective comprises various performances and gatherings initiated by Abou Farman with Sholeh Asgary and visuals by filmmaker Shelby Zoe Coley. Previous iterations included Julie Ezelle Patton. In this short piece, Asgary continues previous performances transmitting sound through tubes across the landscape in creating a video with Shelby Zoe Coley. The composition is created from her voice as heard through tubes, both near and far, layered with time-based sound recordings of snow melting in her studio at MASS MoCA over a day, which translates to noise. 

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