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Second Site is Water

Sholeh Asgary + Heather Kapplow

Second Sight is Water is a recalibration of the Zoomspace we’ve all been spending so many hours of so many of our days within this year.


Heather Kapplow and Sholeh Asgary lead their second in a series of online experiments meant to strengthen muscles for undermining the colonization of consciousness and body language by corporate communication software.


Collectively, participants in Second Sight is Water will weaponize digitized content so that it acts in resistance to the interfaces that transmit it, subverting their capacity to contain us and creating space for things to emerge there that are beyond current imagination.


This event is part of a weekly, Summer 2020 Art Talk event series, hosted jointly through by Northeastern’s Center for the Arts (CfA) and Area Code Art Fair.


[Contact for audio, video and AI-generated textual artifacts.]

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