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Maybe You're A Peach Tree Maybe

Sholeh Asgary + Heather Kapplow

audience participatory performance

Maybe You're A Peach Tree Maybe is a part of an ongoing, audience-participatory exploration using prompts, and immersion in sense and process within the content of video-telephonic gatherings to disambiguate image from experience, making space for the unresolved. Lived social experience is indeterminate and has stuff—a sense of timing, nuances of body language, cultural norms—that doesn’t encode into technologically mediated interactions. What’s perceived as noise in digispace is often important information in physical life.


Using strategies that bypass conventional communication so gesture, sound and movement can transmit as it emerges from intuition, our exercises resist their interfaces of transmission, subverting technology’s capacity to contain us. Modeling possibilities and buying time for things beyond current imagination to emerge, we remind ourselves that interfaces can be adapted, broken down, changed if their limitations are made visible.


Maybe You're A Peach Tree Maybe is one program in a series of ongoing collaborative projects between Sholeh Asgary and Heather Kapplow, and was part of the 59th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival’s In the Screen Program.

To learn more about our project, please see this interview on “Let’s Watch” on CTN Ann Arbor.

[Video, audio and AI-generated text documentation available on request.]

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