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Ground Glass


transducers, amplifiers, audio, glass, wind, room

"Ground Glass" grapples with situatedness of how histories of time and place affect the travel and context of sound, a medium that carries much more than meets the eye and travels infinitely slower than visible data-or, light. A 4-channel audio installation amplifies the windows and walls of a room into speakers that transmit recordings made from inside the earth using seismographic equipment. Each channel transmits an audio recording of the same movement in time, recorded from various geo-locations. Each recording is slowed down by 100% and pitched to the built environment within which it is listened to, extending the possibility of audible moments to our ears. The viewer hears and feels the resonance frequencies within the earth and building. 


Developed with support as a UCLA Art|Sci resident


Prototype as installed at Headlands Center for the Arts

Associated Projects: 

UCLA Art|Sci Atmosphere of Sound, Artist in Residence: Sholeh Asgary 

Ground Glass sound documentation excerpt
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