Flower Shroud

Fabric, wire mesh, plastic, LED

4 x 5 x 4 feet

This pair of soft sculpture was created to act as guardians. The shape references both the ancestor in the shape of a shrouded individual and also in reference to the female anatomy. In connecting to the exhibition they were created for, "Day of the Dead, Flight of the Ancestors," I was thinking about the cocoon and that moment of metamorphosis. The insides of the shrouds are red, symbolizing strength, energy--or, one could think of blood. The outsides are regally draped and trail, but also have areas where the fiber of the fabric is shredded. With this, I wanted to convey layers, a sense of history and an indeterminate form. At the head of each piece is a glowing flower. I later on read that colors are defined as "the attempt of light to become visible," and I found this really interesting. In this way, the color is the way that we can perceive light. These shining flower lights become beacons, attracting attention to our own selves--that we may be watched, or not alone, that we carry the ancestor in us and communication with our ancestors may not always be in forms that our rational mind may understand. Lastly, I chose the pattern of the fabric because it reminded me of Iranian tapestries and certain motifs from Iran. As an Iranian-American, this was a bridge to me.