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Almost Everywhere

2020 - 21

audience-participatory explorations

Almost Everywhere is a series of collaborative, audience-participatory explorations produced with Heather Kapplow that use text prompts and immersion in sense and process on Zoom (the corporately-oriented technology that rapidly colonized our homes, schools, places of worship, and other gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic) to disambiguate image from experience and make wider space for the unresolved.


Using strategies that bypass conventional communication so that gesture, sound, and movement can transmit as it emerges from intuition, our exercises resist their interfaces of transmission, subverting technology’s capacity to contain us.


With an eye toward Zoom’s track record of suppressing revolutionary voices, we are modeling possibilities and buying time for things beyond current imagination to emerge. We’re also reminding ourselves that interfaces can be adapted, broken down, and changed if their limitations are made visible.

In 2020-21, we produced six free-to-the-public experiences. Four were virtual events on the internet hosted by galleries and festivals in NYC, Boston, Oakland/Provincetown, and Ann Arbor. And two were in-person events, one at a museum and one at an art fair in Denmark.


Click on the images that follow to learn about each of our pieces to date.


Additional video, audio and text-based documentation of each project is also available.

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