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Projection monitors, programming, and composition

11:33 minutes and 8 x 5 x 6 feet 

A computer program I composed processes my voice saying "ab," the only word in Farsi I learned to read or write, into beats that correlate to the unique measurements of my grandmother's room in Esfahan, Iran, and my own, in Oakland, CA. One screen displays a photograph of my grandmother's room and the other, my own, each playing its corresponding audio composition. When played facing each other simultaneously, the compositions naturally phase in and out of each other, creating a poly-spatial rhythm, and bringing to life a third space between the two. The composition lasts the total amount of time it takes for both rooms to metaphorically fill, layer upon layer, until full with "ab," the Farsi word for water. The viewer can never quite fit between the two screens. The lights from the screens are the only source of illumination, and due to the discrepancy in the technology of static image and screen, highlights appear to flicker. 

photographic documentation by Jorge Bachmann.

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